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Follow Lucky Bob’s guide to survival

I’m not quite sure why Bob Cooper is known as Lucky Bob — it’s not exactly lucky to have your helicopter crash in the desert but I guess you’re pretty fortunate to survive the experience.

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Nowhere man

Resolute inner-city dweller Benjamin Law spends a night out in the Aussie bush – without a bottle of moisturiser in sight.

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Concerns grow over missing prospector

Five days after Michael Keith Graham, 46, was last seen at his makeshift Goldfields campsite where he was staying while prospecting for gold, his survival depends on the availability of water, a Perth expert said. Outback survival trainer and author Bob...

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Planning key to survival: expert

Outback survival expert Bob Cooper said teenager Dennis Dear was lucky to be alive after his ordeal. “Your core temperature only needs to rise by 4C and you’re in danger of death,” he said.

“It’s serious. You’re heading towards a medical emergency and cardiac arrest.”

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Bob Cooper Outback Survival

The holidays are just a few weeks away and it is often a time urban 4wd owners take their cars out into the country and desert regions.

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Outback Survival

A station worker has died and another has been found close to death after the pair became stranded in the Simpson Desert. Leading survival expert, Bob Cooper, tells Moyd and Loretta how to ensure this never happens.

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Cooper’s bush survival tips

SURVIVAL expert Bob Cooper says panic leads to fatal mistakes, writes SARAH HUDSON

It’s man’s greatest fear: lost, thirsty, hungry, in danger from fierce creatures, confronted with death.

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Outback Survival on

Bob Cooper has worked as a commercial fisherman and professional diver but it's his bushcraft skills, developed over more than 30 years of experience, that have helped him make his mark. He has learned and practiced his craft in a variety of...

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