Five days after Michael Keith Graham, 46, was last seen at his makeshift Goldfields campsite where he was staying while prospecting for gold, his survival depends on the availability of water, a Perth expert said.

Outback survival trainer and author Bob Cooper expressed concerns on Friday that Mr Graham has been lost since Sunday, and it was unknown whether he had any food or water.

Mr Graham's vehicle was found at a campsite north-east of Menzies. Image:

Mr Graham’s vehicle was found at a campsite north-east of Menzies – Image:

“The likelihood of survival depends on how much water he has on him and if he has found a source of natural water supply.”

Mr Cooper says it is a common occurrence, especially in the prospecting industry, for people to become disorientated in the bush.

“Many prospectors get lost because of the nature of their hobby.”

“They walk away from their vehicle for an hour at a time. Because they are in areas such as the Goldfields which is flat, it is quite easy to get disorientated.”

Mr Cooper said that people should always take a survival kit and water when they head outside, even for a quick walk – because it was unexpected events that meant people were not prepared in potentially life threatening situations.

“What we should be doing when we go out for any type of walk is taking some form of emergency kit.”

Necessary items according to Mr Cooper include water, matches, an emergency blanket, snake bandages, a mirror and whistle.

“The basis for survival is water, warm, shelter, signals and food.”

Michael Keith Graham, 46, is missing. - Image:

Michael Keith Graham, 46, is missing. – Image:

Author: Robyn Preston

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