Advanced Survival Courses

Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Survival Course 2022.
We had endeavoured to resume the course in August 2022.
However, circumstances are not permitting it at this time.

We are regretful that it cannot go ahead but are hopeful for 2023 to be able to hold the course.
Thank you for your understanding.


Survival situations cannot be planned for but they can be anticipated. The success or failure often depends on the person’s ability to cope with the unexpected change in plans and capitalise on what natural resources are available and their survival kit contents.

Bob Cooper’s Advanced Australian Survival Course offers you not only the knowledge of how to cope with just the minimal basic resources but also the opportunity to put those skills into practice.

Conducted in as real as possible scenario, in a remote location in the Pilbara Region of WA.

Join Bob Cooper and his other instructional staff all with their own experience and specialities to share with the group.

Outline of course and details sent on request. Full joining instructions sent to you prior to departure.

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