Tracking Courses


This two day course is designed to be the tracking skills component requirement for a First Response – Search and Rescue Team members.
Bob learnt his traditional tracking skills from Australian Aboriginal people, the Kalahari Bushman in Botswana and the Texas Parks and Wildlife service. He has conducted tracking courses for mining companies including Newmont and Newcrest also courses for the general public and agencies including Parks and Wildlife Dept.,National Park Rangers,Wildlife Officers and Dept of Defence. He is a frequent guest on talkback radio, and has appeared in several major television documentaries including BBC’s WildVision and Discovery programmes, 60 Minutes anda National Geographic America feature on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the author of “Outback Survival”.

Day one training, day two full search scenario.


To develop the skills and confidence required to be an effective First Response Team member and a “Tracker” in a team during a search and rescue operation.
Cultivate the basis of comradeship and trust throughout the team.
To prevent a lost person’s mishap becoming a tragedy.

Day one comprises of a series of demonstrations then lessons on how to track a person in bush settings of various vegetation/soil types.
After the completion of the theory/practical phase: Day two will be an – as real as possible search for a missing persons from a vehicle stranded in a bush location near Perth.

The participants must act as an effective team to solve the clues both at the scene and in the bush. They must track down and find the missing persons. Note: this day does not finish until all those missing are found.


Psychology of Fear
Mental effects of heat and dehydration on humans
Pacing sticks and their uses
Tracks and signs
Modern and traditional tracking skills
Practical solo and team tracking techniques
Practical tracking scenario to find missing persons

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