OUTBACK SURVIVAL is a timeless practical run down on everything you need to know to survive in the outback.

Bob Cooper’s incredible bushcraft skills have been developed through more than 25 years of experience in the outback. He has picked up tools of survival from the experiences of living with traditional Aboriginal communities, instructing with Special Forces Units, lecturing with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service on desert survival in the Mexican Desert, delivering wilderness lessons in the UK and learning the skills of the bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.

Bob has put his own lessons to the test, dropping himself off in the 42C heat of the Australian desert with only a map and soap box sized survival kit, no food, water or sleeping gear, and a 10 day walk across 160km of rough terrain back to safety. He did this alone and showed that with the right knowledge of the land, you can survive.

The outback of Australia is one of the most unforgiving regions of the world, but Bob is committed to protecting and enhancing the experience people have when venturing out into the bush.

About the Author

About the Author

Bob Cooper is the go-to survival man for ABC radio and TV. He has delivered outback safety and survival courses since 1990 and is considered the leading desert survival instructor in Australia. He has also featured in several major television documentaries produced for National Geographic America, the BBC, Discover Channel, The World Around Us and 60 Minutes.

He is now based in Perth, Western Australia, and conducts a variety of bush survival skills courses.

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