When it comes to survival, Bob Cooper is your man. He’s honed his bushcraft skills for more than 25 years and even instructed specialist military units on desert survival. Need more proof? He survived 10 days in the middle of the West Australian outback, walking 160 kilometres in scorching weather with only a map and a soap-sized survival kit (which enabled him to source food and water on route).

Cooper, who created the compact Mark III Survival kit, also runs a range of survival courses for the average Joe. Topics covered include the psychology of fear, map reading, how to find food and water, how to light fires, solar navigation, medicinal plants and a range of survival tecniques. You won’t be learning from a text book – you’ll spend some time in the bush as well.

But don’t worry, Cooper will be there too.

Cooper says it’s important for everyone to do an outback survival course. “It offers you peace of mind, knowledge and essential skills. After all, you don’t want to be lost the first time you have to use a compass!”

Courses range in duration and prices start from $695. The courses are based in both Perth and the West Australian bush.

Bob’s Survival Tips

  • Be mentally prepared for changes to your plans that you can’t control.
  • Try to be rational, not emotional.
  • Carry a survival kit and know how to use it.
  • Have extra water and rations with you.
  • Never sip water – drink cupfuls of it to prevent dehydration. Sipping doesn’t supply enough to water your system, leaving the brain at risk of dehydration.
  • Always tell someone about your travel plans.

Source: Virgin Blue – Skywest

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