SUCCESS resident Bob Cooper said the deaths of several people in the Outback who had left survival kits on the back seat of their vehicles prompted him to create one people could carry with them.

Mr Cooper was teaching desert survival skills to people in the 90’s when he was inspired to create a survival kit and the design has become smaller and smaller during the past two decades.

His kit is now 130mm x 90mm and contains 33 items, including playing cards with survival hints, a hacksaw blade, glucose tablets, a compass, a whistle and flint.

He runs courses teaching survival skills such as the psychology of fear, reading maps, snake awareness, fire-lighting, water procurement and navigation.

He said when people were in trouble in the Outback sometimes their emotions overrode their rational thoughts.

“Being frightened is a natural emotion, but we need to learn to control it. Fear uncontrolled turns into panic and people do silly things,” he said.

During his courses, the participants learn to turn their fear into respect for the animals and plants.

Source: Cockburn Gazette

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