The Walk DVD



Survival documentary in the Outback of Australia, based on a 200km Advanced Survival Course.

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The Walk DVD

‘The Walk’ is a DVD that I filmed back in the 1980s, was shown nationally in 1990. I had previously done this “walk” as a solo exercise to prove a small kit is all you need – not all you want.

It was a group of 5 strangers, with me, Bob Cooper, as their participating instructor, and a film crew. The route was filmed over their 200 km and 10 day journey through the wilderness, with limited gear and my survival kit. Of course, I supported them along the way but they had to do the work themselves, forage for food, catch and cook fish, no sleeping gear or extra supplies.

This was a true test of the kit plus their ability to cope with the stresses of what lay in store. They learnt valuable survival skills and a hell of a lot about themselves. Did they cope and all make it?

This was the beginning of me running the Advanced courses.

Run time 45:35

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