Snake Hoop Bag with Telescopic Handle

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Navy Blue with telescopic handle snake hoop bag

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Sturdy strong aluminium frame
Detachable ribbed handle, 1.29m long bag is attached by velcro – for removal, if required

The bag is Dark Navy Blue with orange tabs 100% cotton with tie-off cords attached and corner grab spots
Bag Dimensions
Width: 69cm
Length: 116cm

The pole is 51cm in length
Extended Length 85cm
Full length with pole attached is 129cm
Hoop measures 43 cm wide x 53 cm long

Disclaimer: Snake R&R Training does not teach the method of rescuing snakes using a hoop bag.
Our method involves grabber, hook and putting the snake straight into a 73 litre containment bin.
This method, in our opinion, is by far the safest method for both the relocator and the reptile.
We offer the hoop bags for sale as a courtesy to those who prefer to use them and who have been trained elsewhere to use them but we in no way advocate their use.

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Weight 1000 g


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