Christmas Special 2021 New Release Notebook and HELP Blanket



Christmas Special 2021 – New Release Survival Notebook and HELP Survival Blanket for the low price of $24.99 plus shipping

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New Release Survival Notebook RRP $11.99
Bob has designed and produced this 160-page survival notebook that can be utilised to take notes in the bush (or at home).
It has lined pages for note-taking as well as blank pages for sketching.
Included is an appendix at the back that provides survival hints to remind you what to do in an emergency situation.

HELP Rescue Blanket RRP $19.99
The bright yellow, pocket-sized, light-weight blanket is designed to assist people to be rescued by signaling that emergency assistance is required now. Clearly displaying the word HELP,  satisfying three of the priorities for survival in any climate or condition warmth, shelter and a distress signal all in one and it can also be used for first aid. It has been designed for and tested in Australian outback conditions.

Get both for the low price of $24.99 plus shipping!
Makes the ideal gift for the outdoor adventurer.






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