Victorian Survival Courses

“Every survivor must remember one salient fact: anything is possible. The only thought you can allow, is one that directs your own course of action.”Laurence Gonzales “Deep Survival”

Whenever we expose ourselves to the great outdoors, to adventure, the possibility for a survival scenario exists. Any one of a number of factors can conspire to change our carefully crafted plan into a potential tragedy. Weather events, equipment loss or failure, vehicle breakdowns, injury or illness, geographical embarrassment, geological events, group issues or dynamics – all have the potential to shift our experience in an instant from pleasant and planned to out of control.

What would you fear the most in that instant? How would you control and use fear and other emotions to your advantage? How would you prevent a mishap becoming a tragedy?

This course will give you the five essential priorities for survival, as well as insights into your personal survival psychology. The five priorities are relevant whether you are in Victoria, Vanuatu or Venezuela.

“The only thing certain is that nothing is certain”Bob Cooper

Course will be held at Anglesea Recreation Camp which is 1.5 hours out of Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road so you will be enjoying both beach and bush walks.

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