Bob Cooper Christmas Special 2018


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Developed by outback survival expert Bob Cooper, the Survival Kit contains all the necessary items for survival in the wilderness.

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Trilogy For Survival

Bob Cooper Survival Kit, HELP Rescue Blanket, Snake Bite and Venomous Creatures Kit

The survival kit has 32 components which will help satisfy the major priorities in any survival situation or if you are stranded being:

  • Water
  • Warmth
  • Shelter
  • Signals
  • Food

The Snake Bite Treatment kit is essential for first aid treatment but is also versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways such as cordage, wrapping for protection against sunburn, the cold and insect attack.

The HELP Rescue Blanket is perfect for when you are in an emergency or medical situation.
It can be used for a shelter, warmth and signals.
It features 10 panels of information including the emergency numbers throughout Australia eg poisons information and RFDS etc

Makes the perfect gift to keep your friends safe

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