Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson

Assistant Instructor

Kev grew up in Southern England, his father, being an ardent bird watcher and fresh water fisherman, regularly took him on these trips and introduced him to the wilderness with all its wonders. The natural world was instilled in him from an early age and that commenced his discovery into the world of edible/medicinal native plants.

Kev spent most of his spare time practicing any new skills he had learnt through books or on courses, particularly with Ray Mears.

Kev moved to Australia in 2008, within a year he had met with Bob Cooper on his first Australian survival course. From there he went on to successfully complete the Advanced Outback Survival Course along with all the other courses Bob offers over the next few years.

In December 2014 Kev was invited to join the staff as an assistant instructor and since then has helped on eastern states courses and in the Pilbara and Kimberley Regions of WA.

Kevin is a mature, approachable man with a very keen on going passion for the art of bush survival and is a valued member of my team.