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Bob Cooper has been teaching travellers survival skills for more than 25 years. And the WA-based expert has poured a lifetime of bush knowledge into his book, Outback Survival.

In survival situations, he writes, the first thing to do is assess your circumstances and what needs to be done.

"There are five priorities to consider - I call these the Big Five:

  1. Water: make, clarify, purify and transport.
  2. Warmth: fire and windproofing.
  3. Shelter: rain, cold, windproofing and sun protection.
  4. Signals: day and night - audible, visual and directional.
  5. Food: available, foraged, trapped and fished."

In the book, he describes not only how to tackle these, but gives a readable insight into his life.

Outback Survival is published by Hachette Australia ($24.99).

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