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Course Category: Advanced Survival Course

Advanced Survival Course

Survival situations cannot be planned for but they can be anticipated. The success or failure often depends on the person’s ability to cope with the unexpected change in plans and capitalise on what natural resources are available and their survival kit contents.

Bob Cooper’s Advanced Australian Survival Course offers you not only the knowledge of how to cope with just the minimal basic resources but also the opportunity to put those skills into practice.

Conducted in as real as possible scenario, in a remote location in the Pilbara Region of WA.

Join Bob Cooper and his other instructional staff all with their own experience and specialities to share with the group.

Outline of course and details sent on request. Full joining instructions sent to you prior to departure.

Forthcoming Courses...

Saturday, 18 August 2018: Advance Survival Course - $2,990.00

Deposit: $800.00

Duration: 9 days.

A pre-requisite for this course is to have attended and passed a basic survival course with Bob Cooper’s Outback Survival Company.

Course participants will fly with Qantas to Newman on Saturday 18th August 2018 then be driven in 4WD convoy to the outback bush campsite, returning by Qantas to Perth domestic airport on Sunday 26th August at 3.35pm

The advanced courses are conducted on very large cattle station land in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia, chosen because it typifies the “Outback of Australia” with its rugged beauty, gorges, billabongs with fresh water fish available, abundant variety of edible and medicinal plants with the reality of remoteness. August/September are the best months to take advantage of the fruiting season of the Pilbara plants with temperatures in 30 + Celsius.
Advanced and refresher survival training with Bob Cooper himself, and assistant instructors for the first few days at our bush base camp. Followed by the advanced exercise you will with instructors walk through a beautiful gorge system learning and practicing real survival skills including fishing and plant food gathering, preparing and cooking.

You will then experience a solo survival period of more than 24 hours - alone. After the solo phase you reform as a group to perform a self-rescue to a designated pick up point some distance away on your map with limited gear.
On the survival phase you will be carrying no tent, no sleeping bag, no food - only your survival kit, 3 snake bite bandages, a water bottle, a rescue blanket, personal medications and optional camera. Dressed in your bush clothes - nothing extra. Fish and vegetation are on the menu – no native animals will be used for food apart from fish during practical phase.
The cost includes your airfares, vehicle transport and meals during the course.

A deposit of $800.00 is required and non-refundable after your airfare has been paid, due to airline booking protocols with full payment by June 30th 2018.


Max 9 participants

Total Places: 9.

Confirmed Bookings: 0

Provisional Bookings: 0

Places Available: 9

Please note, these places will only be held for you if the payment/deposit is completed now. If the payment/deposit is not completed, the reservations will be released within 10 minutes.