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Course Category: Women's Survival Course

Women's Survival Course

"In a survival situation women are more likely and are expected to defer to men - reasoning that they 'naturally know what to do', even if the men in the situation have never received survival training! Don't let this happen to you."

This women's survival course is specifically designed for women of all ages to share and grow in a safe environment. To enable women to become fully qualified in bush survival skills without relying on or the restriction or support from partners with discussions and physical skills.

This sanctions and empowers them to have an effective and positive impact with their ability to contribute with confidence in the decision making in a real crisis situation.

Survival situations cannot be anticipated, they just happen and if the person in charge - is you - could you cope?

Forthcoming Courses...

Friday, 3 November 2017: Women's Survival Course - $650.00

Duration: 3 days.

Basic survival knowledge importantly improves the preparation for any excursion in the right selection of precautionary gear to take in case things don't go according to "Plan A" in outings from half day walks to expeditions and a "Plan B" has to be formulated.

You will have two nights camping at Lake Leschenaultia & two full days of practical and theoretical instruction in the bush with Bob Cooper, Ann Gerlach, and Vanessa Paget with a campfire classroom set up for the hands-on learning of survival skills and knowledge.

"Many irrational fears overshadow people's engagement with our wilderness, even in the bushlands of the metro area; knowledge replace that fear with respect for nature.

We need to recapture this realisation and compassion with nature which our fore-fathers and mothers instinctively knew. Our true appreciation and understanding of our natural environment may be the prime factor that preserves it, and, on occasions safeguards us and our families. This course is my contribution to this necessary new appreciation and awareness." Bob Cooper

This course starts Friday 5.00pm and concludes Sunday afternoon around 4.00pm and is conducted near Chidlow, one hour's drive from Perth.

Subjects covered include:

  • Psychology of survival
  • How to use a compass, sun and stars for navigation
  • Water procurement and management
  • Edible and medicinal and useful plants
  • Avoiding poisoning by toxic vegetation
  • Modern and traditional survival skills
  • Snake awareness and snake bite treatment
  • Alternative fire-lighting methods
  • Emergency and distress signals
  • Knowing how/when to assert your knowledge
  • Hygiene and dealing with a monthly cycle in the outback
  • Many more useful lessons to make your outings safer

The course fee: $650.00 (includes GST) per person

Your fee includes:

  • All meals and accommodation fees on the weekend are included
  • Your own Bob Cooper Survival Kit valued at $89.95
  • Your own Snake Bite Treatment Kit valued at $21.95
  • Your own HELP Survival Blanket valued at $19.99

On successful completion of the course, you will be presented with the Outback Survival Certificate.

Detailed joining instructions will be sent to all participants prior to the course commencing.

This link is to frequently asked questions on the WA Outback Survival Course, Click here.

Total Places: 16.

Confirmed Bookings: 6

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Places Available: 10

Please note, these places will only be held for you if the payment/deposit is completed now. If the payment/deposit is not completed, the reservations will be released within 10 minutes.